Planning a trip to another country

When you plan a trip to another country , surely among your plans is renting a car to travel the destination quietly and marking the route. And it is at that moment where you have a thousand doubts like: 

Can I use my Spanish driving license? 
Will the driving style be similar to the Spanish one?
Will I need to know something special to do it?

As in most cases the answer may vary and not be so simple to answer with a yes or no, what we are sure is that it will be a driving experience and challenge.  

So if this is your case for the next trip, you should not stop reading this post because we will give you several practical tips with key information.    

1.- Basic rules : Regardless of the country where you are on the trip, you should always maintain common sense while respecting the basic driving rules you use in Spain.   

Things like not using the mobile while driving, using the GPS correctly, respecting traffic signals, traffic lights and crosswalks, always wearing a seat belt and not parking in improper places.    

2.- Documentation: it is important that you carry with you the necessary documentation to drive and that you need in the country where you are going. For example: your driver's license, international driver's license and insurance with coverage for assistance on international roads.  

3.- Traffic signals: before arriving at the destination, investigate a little about the traffic signals that you can get. Be very attentive to traffic lights, speed limit and traffic signs; since there are usually small differences between one country and another. This way you can avoid fines for ignoring information about what is allowed and what is not. 

4.- Use of map or GPS: if you are going to drive between cities or towns and the area is not very busy, use elements such as maps, GPS or failing to consult with people in the area where you can go and where no. This way you make sure not to drive in areas without traffic, not safe or without inhabitants.     

5.- Stops: when you drive in areas that you do not master, it is normal for you to do it in tension and get tired more quickly. That is why it is important that you be cautious and if you see that you are very tired, mark a series of strategic stops along the way and thus recover energy to get well until the end.  

6.- Avoid driving in the center: usually in the center of the cities it is more complicated to drive, if you do not dominate the area, where you should go, where not to go, hours of traffic, parking places, use of the horn , etc. So we recommend you, when you must go to the center, use either public transport or a taxi.  

Use the car when you are going to move on roads or highways, keep in mind the tolls or stickers that are required in some countries for these cases.  

As you see driving outside Spain, it will not be so complicated as long as you follow some basic rules and guidelines. If you have experience, leave us your comments here in the post so we can share them.